Quality and Safety


A team of engineers and technicians are in constant cooperation with the research centers of the University of Calabria, in an intensive monitoring and analytical work, with the aim of continuously improving the quality management system.

The Process

1. Careful selection of suppliers;
2. Control of all the selected raw materials input, in order to ensure a high quality product;
3. Constant monitoring of all production processes;
4. A sample analysis is stored for each batch of production, in order to check the conformity of the product.


Safety is the heart of the company policy, for the protection of workers and consumers’ health.


1. Act in accordance with all laws and regulations, taking all the preventive measures necessary for the health’s protection of the workers’ safety;
2. Apply to all employees, each within their respective duties and responsibilities, working taking care of the safety and health of people involved;
3. Engage, through information and training, all staff on the protection of health and safety in the workplace;
4. Constant training of employees for the cure and the hygiene of our products and therefore the health of our consumers;


In order to guarantee to future generations a better world, corporate policies are time savings to favor the less environmental impact.


1. The use of the photovoltaic panels, allowing to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.
2. Careful selection of raw materials from companies that adopt a ethical behavior in favour of sustainable development.
3. Recycling accurately to get 95% of the recovery from product waste.
4. Domestic production of recycled packaging required for the manifacturing of our products.

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